Opera samples

The Velvet Oratorio, photo by Arthur Cornelius.
Pictured: Phoebe Silva, Yvonne Roen, Emily Shankman, Mike Maloney, Terence Stone, Craig Anderson, Matthew Trumbull, John Gallop, Michael Villastrigo, Mick O’Brien, and Ross DeGraw

From A Taste of Damnation. Music by Avner Finberg.

The third chorus for The Velvet Oratorio, Music by Henry Akona.

Music by Henry Akona, from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Years Ago I Died. Music by Clare Elton.

Letters to Engels, a Karl Marx Opera. Music by Avner Finberg.

Nymphus: Mithraic Initiation Rite No. 2. Music by Pedro Finisterra

From Exagoge, a work in progress, Music by Avner Finberg

Music by Nell Show Cohen