Report for Week Three of Performance for One

A new week, a new venue for Performance for One.  This week we performed at the Broadway Community Mall for the first time, as well as returning to Governor’s Island for two more days.

The Broadway Community Mall is a tiny art gallery in a former restroom for the subway stop at 96th and Broadway.  It’s in a small building on the median strip across from the subway entrance.  Elizabeth Chappel and I were there on a Wednesday evening, and though we had minimal advance reservations, we had audience nonstop throughout.  Some were walk-ins, curious about the gallery, some were the gallery’s volunteer staff.  Mostly, they were old timers on the Upper West side, residents who have lived in the neighborhood for decades.  Much like myself—I live only a block away.  As usual, we were approached with a strong dose of skepticism, with a strong flavoring of New York UWS character to it.  But people left smiling, even the woman who confided to me that, she may joke a lot, but she’s definitely not happy.

On Governor’s Island, the crowd continued to flow.  Every day started with the same fear, for me: what if no one walks in.  But by the end of the day, we had seen 20 – 25 audience members.  It was two more beautiful days, though by the end of Sunday I was a bit exhausted.  Ten hours doing a theater on an island can be a lot…

This week, we try a new venue: the Word Up Community Bookstore in Washington Heights. Join Elizabeth Chappel and, for the first time, Allison Hiroto.