Report for Week Four of Performance for One

This week, we had only one day of performance, at Word Up Community Bookstore in Washington Heights.  For those who don’t know the bookstore, it is a beautiful little establishment on 165th and Amsterdam, with a volunteer staff, that runs all sorts of events year round.  A real pleasure to spend three hours there.

The attendees were all extremely friendly and enthusiastic.  Elizabeth Chappel and Allison Hiroto were our performers.  The audience was a diverse group, some of whom were experienced with performance and some relatively unexperienced.  Few knew what to expect, but as usual the ones who had no intention of seeing a show were some of the ones who were the most excited when the performance was over. 

I would love to do more in that bookstore and in that neighborhood.

In the meantime: we are back at Chashama this week, with Yvonne Roen, Jan Leslie Harding, Allison Hiroto, and (for the first time) Andrea Gallo.  They are all very different—I worked with Andrea in rehearsal this last week and I’m very excited about what she’s bringing to the performance.  Hope you can drop by!